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Which EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) is Best For You?

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 3/12/19 10:26 AM

There are more options than ever before when it comes to EFBs (Electronic Flight Bags). Some only work on certain hardware platforms. Some include advanced features such as synthetic vision and in-flight weather.

Want to compare the options without having to sift through long descriptions?

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Is It Worth Getting Competitive Bids For Services For Your Aircraft?

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 3/5/19 3:08 PM

When you do a big home improvement project don't you usually get bids from multiple contractors?

It can be very time consuming but when you're making such a big investment, you usually want to make sure that your getting charged a fair price and that you are going to get the quality that you expect. It can be just as time consuming when you're shopping for services for you or your aircraft.

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A Few Tips to Prevent A Lot of Headaches with IACRA

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 2/18/19 3:00 PM

Ever wondered what IACRA stands for? Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application. You've got to give it to the FAA for coming up with the world's best possible acronyms.

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Aviation Weather: How Can You Find Cloud Tops Without PIREPs?

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 1/25/19 1:08 PM

The field is IFR or MVFR and you're headed on a cross country. If you fly in remote areas, like us Vermonters, you'll notice a lack of pilot reports, particularly if you're launching early in the morning. So, how do you check for cloud tops?

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How Can I Get Free Aviation Weather Now that DUATS is Gone?

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 1/2/19 2:07 PM

The FAA discontinued the Direct User Access Terminal Service (DUATS) Program on May 16th, 2018 but there are more ways for pilots to get aviation weather than ever before.

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Lost your logbook? IACRA is your best friend!

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 12/26/18 9:18 PM

Ever wondered what would happen if you lost your logbook?

Those of us that still use paper logbooks shudder at the thought of losing our logbook and even those of us that have switched to electronic logbooks are not immune from the loss of our data unless the logbook solution we use has cloud back up functionality.

There is good news, should you ever have to deal with this unfortunate situation...........


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5 Things to Think of Before Doing a Leaseback of Your Aircraft to a Flight School

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 8/14/18 9:26 AM

While the idea of generating some income with your aircraft or at least defraying some of your annual operating costs sounds good, there are a number of hidden costs and issues with Flight School leaseback agreements.

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The Lesser Known Benefits of an AOPA Membership

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 6/26/18 9:33 AM

Thinking about whether an AOPA membership is worth it? In recent years, AOPA has changed its membership options significantly adding a variety of new membership options built to suit all different types of pilots. 

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AOPA vs. EAA: Membership Plans Compared

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 6/26/18 9:26 AM

Some believe you should be a member of both while others fervently feel that one is better than the other. Aviation websites and discussion boards are rife with commentary and opinions but what are the differences between AOPA and EAA memberships?

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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your ForeFlight Subscription to Pro Plus

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 6/22/18 10:27 AM

It's hard to put a price on your safety but it still makes sense to be smart about your investments. Here's an investment that we think is a no-brainer.

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