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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your ForeFlight Subscription to Pro Plus

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 6/22/18 10:27 AM

It's hard to put a price on your safety but it still makes sense to be smart about your investments. Here's an investment that we think is a no-brainer.

One of the best investments, when considering all of your other annual expenses to own or operate an aircraft, is the ForeFlight Pro Plus subscription. Situational Awareness, or the loss thereof, is the cause of so many accidents and ForeFlight's Pro Plus subscription provides perhaps the most cost effective set of tools to improve Situational Awareness out there. While ForeFlight's basic subscription still has great features, the extra $100 per year to make the jump to Pro Plus is worth it for these three features alone:

1) Synthetic Vision

ForeFlight's Synthetic Vision provides you with a three dimensional VFR view of terrain, obstacles, and runways along your flight path and high-performance hazard awareness.


ForeFlight Synthetic Vision


When paired to a compatible AHRS source, such as the Status, ForeFlight's Synthetic Vision becomes an affordable backup attitude indicator complete with pitch and bank information. We use this regularly

2) Geo-Referenced Approach Plates & Taxi Charts

ForeFlight's taxi charts and approach plates are geo-referenced to enable the real-time display of your GPS position on the chart. This provides the ultimate in situational awareness making sure that you never lose sight of where you are on an approach.


ForeFlight Geo Referenced Approach Plates


On the ground, ForeFlight's runway proximity advisor helps you avoid runway incursions.

For the ultimate in situational awareness, view approach plates and taxi charts overlaid onto the maps view, along with hazards and weather in one seamless view.

3) Hazard Advisor

ForeFlight's Hazard Advisor provides a moving map overlay view that depicts hazardous terrain and obstacles. Hazards are dynamically highlighted yellow and red based on the relative height of your aircraft.


ForeFlight Hazard Advisor

 You can visit ForeFlight for more information or to compare some of the other features and benefits among the company's subscription plans.

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