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Avmkt's Guide to Aircraft Ownership: PreBuy Inspection

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 9/23/19 5:03 PM

Conducting a prebuy or pre-purchase inspection of an aircraft is a crucial step in the purchase process. It could be the difference between a lifetime of smooth flying and sinking thousands into parts and repairs. recently spoke with Jamie Hildenbrandt, the President of Hildt Aviation, a full service maintenance operation based in Bennington, Vermont. Hildenbrandt is an FAA certified Airframe & Powerplant mechanic himself and holds FAA Inspection Authorization (IA) enabling him to perform a greater variety of maintenance and alterations as well as sign-off on required annual inspections. Hildt Aviation offers flat rate annual inspections and supports warranty repairs for Beechcraft, Cessna, and Piper aircraft as well as Lycoming engines.

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Avmkt's Guide to Calculating Annual Aircraft Ownership Costs

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 8/22/19 7:51 AM

We've all heard about the 80/20 rule, and it applies to buying an airplane too. Applied to aircraft ownership, the rule means that you should purchase an aircraft for the type of missions that you'll actually fly, 80% of the time, rather than the occasional missions you hope to fly. 

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Visualizing Aviation Weather Before You're In It

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 4/16/19 11:30 AM

We've previously discussed the multitude of weather briefing information that is currently available in our How Can You Find Cloud Tops Without PIREPs? and How Can I Get Free Aviation Weather Now that DUATS is Gone? blogs. There is more and better information available than ever but it can take a lot of time to really get the big picture.

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Is It Worth Getting Competitive Bids For Services For Your Aircraft?

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 3/5/19 3:08 PM

When you do a big home improvement project don't you usually get bids from multiple contractors?

It can be very time consuming but when you're making such a big investment, you usually want to make sure that your getting charged a fair price and that you are going to get the quality that you expect. It can be just as time consuming when you're shopping for services for you or your aircraft.

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How Can I Get Free Aviation Weather Now that DUATS is Gone?

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 1/2/19 2:07 PM

The FAA discontinued the Direct User Access Terminal Service (DUATS) Program on May 16th, 2018 but there are more ways for pilots to get aviation weather than ever before.

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5 Things to Think of Before Doing a Leaseback of Your Aircraft to a Flight School

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 8/14/18 9:26 AM

While the idea of generating some income with your aircraft or at least defraying some of your annual operating costs sounds good, there are a number of hidden costs and issues with Flight School leaseback agreements.

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The Lesser Known Benefits of an AOPA Membership

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 6/26/18 9:33 AM

Thinking about whether an AOPA membership is worth it? In recent years, AOPA has changed its membership options significantly adding a variety of new membership options built to suit all different types of pilots. 

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AOPA vs. EAA: Membership Plans Compared

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 6/26/18 9:26 AM

Some believe you should be a member of both while others fervently feel that one is better than the other. Aviation websites and discussion boards are rife with commentary and opinions but what are the differences between AOPA and EAA memberships?

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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your ForeFlight Subscription to Pro Plus

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 6/22/18 10:27 AM

It's hard to put a price on your safety but it still makes sense to be smart about your investments. Here's an investment that we think is a no-brainer.

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Save money when upgrading your Garmin devices with Aircraft Spruce.

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 6/20/18 9:16 AM

Save up to $995 off your purchase of a new Garmin portable model with Aircraft Spruce's Garmin Trade in Program

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