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Aviation Weather Center: What's new?

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 5/7/19 5:00 PM

The Aviation Weather Center is the "go-to" for all aviation weather products. It is brought to us by NOAA and the National Weather Service. Many of us have spent time during training and working to get to know the products that it offers. How often do we check to see what has changed?

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Topics: Flight Planning, cloud tops, Aviation Weather

Aviation Weather: ADS-B is catching up to SiriusXM

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 3/21/19 10:00 AM

As pilots, we need to know what the weather is doing before we take off and once we're in the air. There are copious free weather sources while you're on the ground, but unless you have your own flight dispatch department supporting you from the ground there are really only two options once you're airborne.

By now you're probably aware that SiriusXM is a satellite based system that brings a lot of capabilities to the cockpit but for a price. The alternative is the ADS-B Flight Information System, which has some limitations but that is rapidly catching up in terms of capabilities. 

Our comparison chart gives you an up-to-date comparison of the features and limitations of each solution since there have been a number of recent changes. 

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Topics: Flight Planning, Aviation Weather

Which EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) is Best For You?

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 3/12/19 10:26 AM

There are more options than ever before when it comes to EFBs (Electronic Flight Bags). Some only work on certain hardware platforms. Some include advanced features such as synthetic vision and in-flight weather.

Want to compare the options without having to sift through long descriptions?

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Topics: Pilot Gear, ForeFlight, Flight Planning, Logbook, Aviation Weather, Electronic Flight Bag, EFB

A Few Tips to Prevent A Lot of Headaches with IACRA

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 2/18/19 3:00 PM

Ever wondered what IACRA stands for? Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application. You've got to give it to the FAA for coming up with the world's best possible acronyms.

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Topics: IACRA

Aviation Weather: How Can You Find Cloud Tops Without PIREPs?

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 1/25/19 1:08 PM

The field is IFR or MVFR and you're headed on a cross country. If you fly in remote areas, like us Vermonters, you'll notice a lack of pilot reports, particularly if you're launching early in the morning. So, how do you check for cloud tops?

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Topics: ForeFlight, Flight Planning, Fly More, cloud tops, Aviation Weather

Lost your logbook? IACRA is your best friend!

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 12/26/18 9:18 PM

Ever wondered what would happen if you lost your logbook?

Those of us that still use paper logbooks shudder at the thought of losing our logbook and even those of us that have switched to electronic logbooks are not immune from the loss of our data unless the logbook solution we use has cloud back up functionality.

There is good news, should you ever have to deal with this unfortunate situation...........


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Topics: IACRA, Logbook

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