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Aviation Weather Center: What's new?

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 5/7/19 5:00 PM

The Aviation Weather Center is the "go-to" for all aviation weather products. It is brought to us by NOAA and the National Weather Service. Many of us have spent time during training and working to get to know the products that it offers. How often do we check to see what has changed? Aviation Weather Center Update

Avmkt spent some time to help you answer this question. The Aviation Weather Center has a help section that details where the changes have been made, check them out here or take a look at a summary of all of the significant changes below.

Big changes came in March:

Aviation Weather Center GFA
  •  Forecast data and imagery are all new. GFA now blends several models and human generated forecasts to produce the best possible end product. This also allows GFA to expand to the Caribbean, western Atlantic and Pacific in the future.
  • Flight path overlay is now available on the map. Clicking on the path button will bring up a dialog box where a path can be entered, consisting of a period separated list of 4 letter airport identifiers, 3 letter navigation aids and 5 letter fixes. Clicking enter in the box will display the path as a magenta line under the data.
  • Radar has been extended to show the data over the Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska.
  • Extended TCF is now operational. The Experimental Extended Traffic Flow Management (TFM) Convective Forecast (TCF) is a high resolution model blend denoting a high confidence graphical representation of forecasted convection meeting specific criteria of model echo top and convective precipitation field
Aviation Weather Center TCF

This past December brought us this:

  • Extended TCF - New automated extended TCF products available to 30 hours.
  • New GFA Clouds - A new algorithm for GFA clouds gives better coverage and adds few and scattered coverages. This is available on the GFA Tool and the Aviation Clouds Forecast. See our previous post Aviation Weather: How Can You Find Cloud Tops Without PIREPs? for more information on this.

Just in the past four months, a large focus has been on the Graphical Forecasts for Aviation and the Extended TCF tools. These tools aim to make aviation a safer environment and provide pilots with cleaner tools.

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