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How Can I Get Free Aviation Weather Now that DUATS is Gone?

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 1/2/19 2:07 PM

The FAA discontinued the Direct User Access Terminal Service (DUATS) Program on May 16th, 2018 but there are more ways for pilots to get aviation weather than ever before.

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NOAA's Aviation Weather Center has an incredible amount of free information available and has recently added a number of new features. If you still like talking to someone in person, you can still call 1 (800) WX-BRIEF to get a weather briefing over the phone but most of us turn to our iPads or phones for access to aviation weather these days.

What if I use ForeFlight or another app to get my weather?

Apps from ForeFlight, Garmin,, and WingX, to name a few are now the primary way that pilots get access to the aviation weather information that they need. Many of these apps originally relied on DUATS to provide the weather briefing and flight plan services but they all moved away from DUATS before it was shut down.

ForeFlight Aviation Weather

Now these apps rely on data that come directly from Lockheed Martin Flight Service (LMFS) which has been rolling out next-generation weather briefing and flight planning tools that tie directly into the air traffic system.

To learn more about the benefits of ForeFlight and it's advanced aviation weather information, see our previous post 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your ForeFlight Subscription to Pro Plus.



What if I don't have an iPad or tablet?

As previously mentioned, you can still call 1 (800) WX-BRIEF to get a weather briefing over the phone and aviation weather information is still available via a web browser while using desktop or laptop computer as well.

Pilots that want access to free weather information and want a record of having received a weather briefing to comply with FAR 91.103 can register for a free account at Aviation Weather

Another option available to pilots is the AOPA Flight Planner, which offers a flight planning and preflight briefing service for free with a paid AOPA membership. To learn more about different AOPA membership options, see The Lesser Known Benefits of an AOPA Membership or AOPA vs. EAA: Membership Plans Compared.

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