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Lost your logbook? IACRA is your best friend!

Posted by Derrick Dubois on 12/26/18 9:18 PM

frustrated young business man working on laptop computer at officeEver wondered what would happen if you lost your logbook?

Those of us that still use paper logbooks shudder at the thought of losing our logbook and even those of us that have switched to electronic logbooks are not immune from the loss of our data unless the logbook solution we use has cloud back up functionality.

There is good news, should you ever have to deal with this unfortunate situation...........



IACRA, or the Integrated Airman and Certification Application, can help piece together official record of your flight experience. It includes your signature, that of your instructor and an examiner. It's one of the ways AOPA says that you can validate your experience without having access to your paper log.

IACRA Integrated Airman and Certification Application


The first step to getting your flight hours back is to get some evidence for your flight time. That would include flight school records, talking to previous instructors and even asking the FAA. They can provide copies of your IACRA (form 8710-1). This form is generally verified by an instructor, along with yourself so it adds some weight to the case you're trying to make. The FAA has some more guidance on providing documentation here: FAA Order 8900.1, 5-172.

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