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The Lesser Known Benefits of an AOPA Membership

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 6/26/18 9:33 AM

Thinking about whether an AOPA membership is worth it? In recent years, AOPA has changed its membership options significantly adding a variety of new membership options built to suit all different types of pilots. 

AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
 The membership options range from $69 to $189 per Year and offer a variety of different product and service bundles. Regardless of the membership option you are interested in, here are some of the lesser known benefits of event the most basic AOPA membership:

Free Training Programs from

Known for their "Pilot's Tip of the Week", the company has a roster of world-class flight instructors and experts who share tactics, tips and advice. The company publishes a family of proficiency-focused products on airmanship, instrument-flying, weather, and real-world flight situations.

PilotWorkshops offers AOPA members a selection of 12 audio and video training programs free to AOPA members. Programs include Non-Towered Airport Operations, Single Pilot IFR, Takeoffs and Landings, IFR Communications, In-Flight Emergencies.

Access to Vref Aircraft Valuation Reference

The AOPA Aircraft Valuation Service can be used as a good starting point when attempting to determine the general retail value of an airplane.

Discounts on Aircraft Parts and Supplies

From the big names you know such as Sporty's Pilot Shop and Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. to lesser known suppliers of everything from tires, to hangars, to logbooks, an AOPA membership will give you access to discounts and special offers.

Hotel & Rental Car Discounts

AOPA members can save up to 25% off base car rental rates and up to 60% of publicly listed pricing on four star hotels all over the United States when using the AOPA Hotel Booking site.

AOPA World Mastercard

The no annual fee AOPA World Mastercard gives you

  • 4% Cash Back on AOPA Purchases
  • 3% Cash Back on purchases with Select AOPA partners
  • 2% Cash Back on other Aviation purchases such as Fuel, FBO fees, Taxis, etc.
  • 1% Cash Back on all other purchases

Wondering how an AOPA Membership stacks up to others? Learn more in our comparison of AOPA and EAA Membership options

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