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Is It Worth Getting Competitive Bids For Services For Your Aircraft?

Posted by Chris Weinberg on 3/5/19 3:08 PM

When you do a big home improvement project don't you usually get bids from multiple contractors?

It can be very time consuming but when you're making such a big investment, you usually want to make sure that your getting charged a fair price and that you are going to get the quality that you expect. It can be just as time consuming when you're shopping for services for you or your aircraft.

As a fellow pilot and aircraft owner, I faced the same challenge: I wasn't familiar with all of the possible suppliers for my aircraft type, I didn't have any way of quickly determining who had availability, and I had no way of knowing current market pricing. I figured that there had to be a better way.


Don't Waste Your Time Getting Bids!

Your time is valuable. You want to get the job done by a qualified supplier and chances are you may already have a favorite supplier in mind. 

Whether you’re planning to do a full panel replacement or just an ADS-B upgrade, whether you're aircraft needs an oil change or a full annual inspection, whether you need recurrent training or are looking to get qualified on a new aircraft type, pricing, availability and features and services can vary widely from supplier to supplier.

If you only get one proposal from one supplier, how will you know if you're getting fair pricing or the best possible service level?


Define Your Requirements & Let Bring The Bids To You

That's where comes in. Our aviation marketplace allows pilots, aircraft owners, and operators to get bids from suppliers for training, aircraft paint & interiors, avionics upgrades, maintenance, crew services, and more. Aviation Marketplace enables you to search for suppliers by a variety of criteria such as aircraft type, location, regulatory approvals, etc. You define your requirements once and decide who you want to receive bids from. 

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We do the work to get you bids so that you can spend your time doing better things, such as flying more. 


Shopping Around Doesn't Mean You Have To Sacrifice Quality

People often jump to the conclusion that when you put something out for bids, you are only concerned with price and not quality or safety. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

By getting  bids from multiple suppliers, you’ll be able to:

  • Determine current market price range for the services you need
  • Determine who has availability when you need it
  • Compare the features and service levels that vary from supplier to supplier
  • Identify the offers that meet your requirements

Then, using price as just one of the factors, you can select the supplier that best meets your requirements.


Start With The Next Time You Need Services For Your Aircraft

In the world of home improvements, it is usually recommended that you get bids from at least 3 suppliers. enables you to do this for aviation services without wasting your time.

The next time that you need services for your aircraft, give a try. You might be surprised by the options you'll find. It's free, we don't mark pricing, and there is no obligation to buy, so there's nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Even if you end up using the information that you get from for reference and end up working with a supplier that you already know, you'll have confidence in the purchase decision that you make.

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